Embroidery (vyshyvka), has a rich history in Ukraine. It has long appeared in folk dress and has played a part in Ukrainian weddings as well as other celebrations of life.
I would often find my grandmother, Anna, stitching her intricate designs onto pillows and decorative towels (rushnyky).
These items have become precious to me, a special link to my heritage, so when I visited Ukraine, it was very difficult for me to see elderly women selling their cherished embroideries on the street, sometimes just to get enough money to eat that day.  I would often buy a piece here and there, and decided to give them new life by incorporating them in my creations.
By purchasing an item from 94 Diamonds, you will truly be carrying a unique piece of Ukrainian history. Perhaps part of a wedding "rushnyk" or a decorative covering from someone's Easter basket. 
These pieces are all vintage, so care should be used. Please follow care instructions and understand that some fading or wear may be visible due to its age.





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Received my items today; love, love, love them! Thank you so much. Please let me know when you get your new inventory!

Tanya P.


Charlotte, NC, USA

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